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Project title: Project MICRO ID-19 - Development of a consortium of MICRO-organisms as supporting therapy for COVID-19


Project code: ALT20-03-02B7-FEDER-069744

Main objective: To develop a consortium of intestinal microorganisms to be administered as an adjunctive immunomodulatory therapy for COVID-19, allowing to improve the immune response of individuals against Sars-Cov-2 and to avoid or reduce the severity of COVID-19.


Intervention region: Alentejo


Beneficiary: MyBiome, Lda



Approved on : 09/07/2020


Start date: 22/09/2020


Completion date: 06/21/2021


Total eligible cost: € 398,837.35

European Union financial support: ERDF - 365 642,35 €


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