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Metabolic disorders

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Eligible donors are chosen because they are healthy and do not pose a risk to beneficiaries. They are carefully selected, after a wide range of blood and fecal analyzes, in order to rule out the presence of various pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites.


The fecal microbiota is isolated from the feces of healthy donors in a controlled environment and in accordance with good manufacturing practices. The microbiota preparations for transplantation can then be administered via enema, colonoscopy, endoscopy or through oral capsules.


This process takes place in a controlled clinical context and with due medical monitoring.

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Therapeutic indications

Currently, fecal microbiota transplantation is indicated for the treatment of recurrent infection with Clostridioides Difficile , resistant to antibiotics. The existing bacteria in healthy donors are able to restore the intestinal balance in the transplanted patient and can definitively fight the infection by C. Difficile . The effectiveness of TMF in combating this type of infection reaches 90%.

Infection with C. Difficile . it is one of the most prevalent hospital infections and carries a greater risk of life for users.

The application of TMF in several other pathologies, which affect the gastrointestinal tract, is already being tested in several clinical trials.

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Vários distúrbios metabólicos prejudicam a qualidade de vida de muitos indivíduos em todo o mundo. A nossa busca por novas terapêuticas visa restaurar o equilíbrio do microbioma e da vida das pessoas. 

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